In his exhibition, Jan Kuhr shows mega-cities, the brutality of the urban jungle and life in it. The beauty of the images is created by the rhythm of the recurring patterns in the selected sections of the stimulus-flooded metropolis. The works on display show comprehensive views of the almost boundless, beehive-like sea of concrete.

He also photographs life at street level beneath the disturbing collection of buildings, providing an intimate, close-up view. Richly detailed images of people in their everyday lives in the megacities, the food stalls, pop-up gas stations, street stalls, markets and impressions of everyday life. Life on the street and the self-organizing miniature worlds of the individuals living in them.

The pictures were taken during his explorations in the Far East, including cities such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Surabaya and many more.
Jan Kuhr is a Coburg-based photographer and metal designer. His love of exploring foreign worlds with his lens always at the ready has created an archive of extraordinary images, some of which can be seen on Instagram @Jan_kuhr_photography.

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Hong Kong Fish Market Street photography
Honkong Choi Hung Estate
Hong Kong Choi Hung Estate
Hong Kong courtyard House photography
Hongkong Tower
Famous Yick cheong Building in Hong Kong
Yick Cheong Building
Library Hongkong
Library Hongkong
Hong kong Street photography
Hongkong Streets
mongkok Hong Kong Red Building
Mongkok Hongkong Red Building
Ladies Market Mongkok
Ladies Market Honkong
Lion Rock Hong Kong
Lion rock Hong Kong

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