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We make you look your best and get outstanding results for your headshot. With my expertise I capture your unique look for your portrait to deliver the vision you’re longing for.

It is my aim to create very realistic, natural looking and high quality headshots and portraits mostly in Berlin and Brighton for your website, job application, social media, and printing.

I use high end Nikon cameras and a range of high quality lenses. Furthermore a whole lot of accessories like soft-boxes, remote controlled flashes and reflectors. Normally we shoot at my home, in a rented studio or outside. I can bring backgrounds and lighting to your home, office or desired location if you like. In the event of an outdoor shoot I’ll bring all required equipment to the chosen location. I have also access to a photo-studio and we can book a visagist if required.

Together we make you look your best and get outstanding results for your headshot. With my expertise I capture your unique look for your portrait to deliver the vision you’re longing for.

Business Portrait Berlin
Business Portrait Berlin
Business Headshot Berlin
Business Headshot Berlin

Things good to know before we take pictures are:

Usually the duration of a headshot is 90 minutes of shooting. Klick here for prices

Don’t be afraid! There is no such thing like not to be  photogenic. During the shoot, we will talk, laugh and have just a good time. Hence we’ll find the photo were you like yourself the best. With my guidance and expertise comes the beauty and the desired look. We will make you look as good and natural as possible. Other details like make-up, clothes and scenes will be discussed personally. We will shoot from between one and two hours, depending on how quickly we are satisfied by the results. Usually after 20 to 30 minutes of shooting the person starts to look naturally, confident relaxed and happy. My aim is to let you forget the camera whilst shooting. You will be amazed how different the first view and the last view taken picture looks from our shoot. After the shoot we go through the pictures and select the 5 best headshots or so called hero-shots. I then can see what you like and the idea of your desired expression. After that we will do a initial post-processing to determine a direction of your desired color, brightness, contrast etc. The more detailed post processing and retouching comes later after you’ve been released.

Headshots Berlin, Portrait photography

What you should bring at a normal headshot session:

  • a range of at least five different tops so we can change the style. E.g. shirt, V-neck, dark, bright, colorful, lacy, denim and so on. What you like the most
  • hair brush, hair band
  • Make up
  • Accessories

feel free to have a look at my Facebook profile for the latest Headshots or just browse the gallery.


I cover the areas:

  • Street-art and urban style portraiture
  • Indoor and studio Headshot
  • Headshots for actors
  • Outdoor portraits and travel portraits
  • Couple portraits
  • Company, organizations and group portraits
  • Job application portraits

If you are interested in professional headshot photography don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t want to give standard rates as everyone has different needs and budget. but I am happy to discuss my rates with you on the phone and I am sure we find a solution also for the people with smaller wallets.

The biggest advantage of digital photography is that there is nothing we can’t do. The only thing which restricts us is our imagination.


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Headshot Berlin
Berlin Photographer, Headshot Berlin
Headshot photography Berlin
Portrait photography Berlin
Cinematic Portrait
Outdoor Portrait Berlin
Musical Actress Headshot Portrait Berlin
Abby Cheng Musical Actress
Berlin headshot photography, craftsman portrait
A Guitar builder at his workshop – Cogg Guitars Berlin
Business portrait, portrait Berlin, portrait, photography portrait,
Business Portrait
actors headshots
Actors Headshots
Dj portrait
actor portrait
Headshot Berlin
Headshot Berlin

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